fundraising event



As part of our social community investment we open our facility to schools in and around our community as a means of raising much needed funds for their cause, albeit a tour, sporting equipment, special needs etc.


We allocate a specific date and time on which the school will have to invited all their friends, family, community members etc. to visit Wi:Jump. A portion of the turnover for that period is then given back to the school in the form of cash money. There is no cost to the school and all they need to do is market the event. The more turnover wi:jump makes the more money the school will get back in the end. These projects work best if the school kids are given enough time to market the campaign to their community and friends.

These fundraising projects are not only applicable to schools, and we encourage, churches, sports clubs and any other social groups to get in touch with us to help raise funds for their special cause. To discuss this type of project please contact Alwyn on 0792669127 or 0119150614

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